As a part of GPC’s global activities to celebrate the International Year of Pulses, a new website (consumer-facing) was launched in November 2015. It hosts a series of videos to promote pulses and farmers around the world.

These are my pulses video series“These Are My Pulses” video series is displayed on an interactive map on the site, where visitors are able to click on different regions of the world to learn more about what pulses are and where they are grown. A sample video has been produced, and can be viewed here:

"These Are My Pulses" - Edible Beans

Now is your opportunity to put your country on the map, and to produce a viral pulse video!

Watch the existing

"These Are My Pulses" videos! 

How to Make and Submit Your Video

The following guidelines are designed to help in the production of your video and to give a common look to the video series. Each pulse video will be different and unique, reflecting the diversity of the global pulse industry. Please direct any questions to Courtney Hirota, the video project leader, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Maximum Length: 2 minutes
Setting: Ideally the videos will be shot on or near a farmer’s land. The “star” of the video should be the pulses the farmer grows. The “cast” can include the farmer’s family, coworkers or anyone they feel is part of their pulse story.
Video Intro: Grower’s name, location (region & country), and types of pulses grown.
Video Content: Include close-up shot(s) of the pulse varieties grown on the farm, and include grower’s story – why they farm, how long they have been farming, and most importantly, why they grow pulses.
Conclusion: “I’m (insert grower’s name) and these are my (insert name of pulses grown)”

Note that English is not a requirement. Please record videos in a grower’s native language, as one of the objectives of the project is to demonstrate the global nature of the pulse industry.

Do no use music with artists permission. If you use music that has copyrights, then your video will be muted on YouTube.


  • Please do not advertise your organization.
  • No “calls to action”, phone numbers or contact information.
  • No selling of products or services.


Video: It is recommended you capture video footage using a high definition camera in 1080p (although 720p is acceptable). Many modern digital cameras and even mobile phones include HD cameras. All video should be shot in landscape (horizontal) orientation.
Audio: The best audio quality will be captured using an external microphone (such as a lapel microphone for interviews and a shotgun microphone for natural sound). If an external microphone is not available, have the speaker stand close to the camera and try to limit background noise like wind, equipment and voices.
Export Format: Please export all video in High Definition H.264, based on the .mp4 file format.

These video clips will be uploaded to, so additional details about formatting standards can be found at


Completed videos can be uploaded to the following website:

GPC appreciates all submissions and will work with the producer to meet these quality requirement. GPC reserves the right to decline videos that do not meet or follow the guidelines set forth in this document.

These Are My Pulses (673 KB)